Mayekawa Manufacturing Company has expanded its business by focusing on freezing and compression technologies ever since its establishment in 1924.

Contact Information

30 Tui Street, Otahuhu, PO Box 12106 Auckland, New Zealand 1642

phone: 09 276 2305

fax: 09 276 2306

website: www.mayekawa.com

e-mail: info@mayekawa.co.nz

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Mycom (Mayekawa Aust Pty Ltd)


As a thermal engineering company we have long contributed to providing business solutions to our customers based on these technologies and in turn continuously evolved our technology and services. This process is indicative of our business development style whereby Mayekawa creates ‘cooperation’ based on trust with our customers to develop ‘Basho’, Mayekawa's unique concept of problem solving in which Mayekawa engineers and our customers collaborate closely by sharing a common challenge and vision, and synthesizing knowledge without functional/organizational boundaries.


Chiller Sets, Ammonia, Refrigeration, Refrigeration Compressor Spare Parts, Refrigeration, Couplings, Leak detectors, Industrial, Refrigeration, Absorption, Water heaters,


Ammonia & industrial refrigeration, Compressor rebuilding, Manufacturers,