MM Kembla New Zealand Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kembla Australia and has been serving New Zealand industry since 1954, a proud supplier of piping products to NZ’s Plumbing, Refrigeration and Heating Industries.

Contact Information

21 Sir William Avenue, East Tamaki, PO Box 51525 Manukau, Auckland, New Zealand 2140

phone: 09 274 0111

fax: 09 274 0347

website: www.kembla.co.nz

e-mail: sales@kembla.co.nz

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M M Kembla NZ Ltd


New Zealand's leading supplier of premium quality copper tube and fittings to the refrigeration, air conditioning, mechanical services, plumbing and gas fitting industry, Pex piping for potable water and underfloor heating and multi layers pipe for gas fitting industry. Pex piping for portable water and underfloor heating and multi layers pipe for gas fitting.


Copper piping, Fittings, Hot water piping, X Link Polyethylene, Composite AI/PEX pipe,


Kembla Pex and Gas products for Plumbing, Heating and Gas applications complete our piping selection, offering a flexible piping solution at a cost competitive price for New Zealand Plumbers and Gasfitters ensuring that from 4mm OD to 250mm OD we have a piping solution to suit your every piping requirement.


Kembla Tube & Fittings, Kembla Pex, Kembla Gas,