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Ground Source Limited


We can provide your complete high efficiency heating/cooling solution with a Ground Source (aka geothermal or geoexchange) system using either ducted air or hydronic distribution. Consultancy, design and installation of all types of ground or water loops for residential or large scale commercial systems. Earth thermal conductivity testing, heat recovery and industry training in association with IGSHPA Agents for WaterFurnace, Slim Jim Plate Heat Exchangers.


Ground Source Heating & Cooling Solutions, Ground Source Heating & Cooling


We can provide the following:
- High efficiency heat and cooling systems for your home or business
- Consultancy for any residential, commercial or industrial ground source system

Evaluation and assessments
All loop design - including open and pond/lake/ocean (water) loops
All loop installation - including vertical, horizontal and open loops
World leading WaterFurnace products - sales, installation and service, Heating (and cooling) peak load demand calculations and modeling for your project,
Earth thermal conductivity testing