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Dalkia Technical Services Pty Ltd


Dalkia is a leading global provider of custom-made and sustainable energy services and facility management solutions.

From diagnostic analysis to energy procurement and transformation, facilities management and technical, financial and human resources engineering, all of our services can be assimilated into a comprehensive package.

Dalkia liberates its customers from tasks that are outside their core business by delivering innovative, economical and environmentally friendly solutions.


Central Plant, Heat Pumps, Packaged Units, Split System, Commercial, Computer Room, Industrial, Air Handling Units, Chiller Sets, Building Man. Systems, HVAC, Cooling Towers, Fan Coil Units, VAV Units, Heat Recovery Unit, Linear Cooling Tower, Tracer Summit Control System, Trane Equipment, Superchill Cooling Tower,


Air conditioning, Heating & ventilation, IQP?s, Air conditioning, Controls, Controls - electronic,